I am intrigued by the creative process and the inspired interaction that arises between artist and materials evoking a visual conversation. Meeting the canvas is always a deeply personal process. The challenge is to meet that blankness as if it is an open sky, full of possibility. I live for being present to the mystery of the creative force that lives in all of us. There is a "devotion to the unknown" that keeps me engaged.

Serving as inspiration for my works in my art journals, on paper, canvas, boxes or panels is my collection of objects from the natural world. Collecting started when my kids were young. I carved jack-o-lanterns and afterwards kept the tops. After a few years of "living" in my basement, I found them in a petrified state. Intrigued by their beauty I was lead into a collecting journey. This ignited the beginning of my inspiration for making art and served as the foundation for my first show in Boulder, CO in 2003.

Having an uncommon sensitivity to personal story, deeper meanings, myth, symbolism and the natural world, I am motivated to paint in reference to these themes. I am influenced by years of study in art, dance, metaphysics, health, Jungian dream psychology and sandtray therapy, study at a Tibetan Buddhist University, meditation practice, art therapy, living and studying in Bali, Indonesia, foreign travel and a student of many art workshops.

Through my art I hope to capture and transmit a sense of meaningful reflection, inspiration, beauty, and delight!